Helictites of Black Chasm Cavern

Black Chasm Cavern is a show cave in California's gold rush country, west of the Sierra Nevada. It is a vertical cave, about 4,000 feet long, and was first described in 1854. In 1954, climbers traversed across a 160-foot pit inside and discovered a chamber filled with glistening, translucent helictites. In 1976, the cave was granted National Natural Landmark status because of this discovery. The room is now known as the Landmark Room. I have taken many photographs of these helictites and feature some on this page adjoining our Virtual helictite room.

Thousands of helictites, in an area partly visible from the trail.

The Dragon is the signature helictite pointed out to all visitors.


This helictite forms a corkscrew-like shape

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Created: May 4, 2005

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