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If you're looking for photographs of caves for personal or editorial use, you've come to the right place! My images of caves have been published internationally in books, magazines, and calenders, and been displayed at museums, including the Smithsonian. My collection draws from over 40 years of cave photography in caves of all types from around the world. Collections of some of my best photos are available on CD-ROM on this site. These are sold for personal use only. If you need cave images for editorial or commercial use, or have a need for a particular type of cave photograph, please contact me via e-mail. To get an idea of the range of images I have, view some of the sample images for the various CDs, watch the slide show, and/or visit my top-rated educational site on caves and cave formations, the VIRTUAL CAVE.

I will also do cave photography on assignment, whether in remote wild caves, or especially, for show caves. Some of my most recent work has been for Mercer Caverns.

Dave Bunnell

Calaveras Natural Bridge Postcard Sets

Only two prior postcards existed of this star Calaveras County attraction, in 1908 and 1910. With a rich body of my own work there, I created this set of 10 different postcards as shown below. Click on a thumbnail for a larger view. Note the copyright overprints don't appear on the printed cards. They are a standard 4x6 size on glossy card stock. You can buy them individually from me at caving events or from Calaveras County vendors including Mercer Caverns, the Angels Camp Visitors Bureau, and Turners Wild West. If other vendors are interested in purchasing any at wholesale cost for resale, please contact me. Via mail order, they are only available in the full set of 10 for $5.00 (or multiples of individual cards that add up to 10).

Shipping for buyers in the USA is 1.50, and for overseas buyers, $3.00; choose the appropriate destination in the drop-down menu. (Use this android app and this iOS app for currency conversion) You can order these via the PayPal link below:


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Stunning images from caves! All prices are in U.S. dollars. Secure credit card purchases for CD-ROMs can be made via PayPal; just click on the "Buy Now" symbol. Or if you prefer, I accept checks drawn on U.S. banks, traveler's checks, or money orders sent to me at Box 879, Angels Camp, CA 95222

My CD-ROM collections (discs 1, 2, and 3) contain invidual jpeg images sized at 1280x1024, and slide shows made up of these images.

With appropriate sofware you can:

  • Display and print individual images
  • Create your own custom slideshows
  • Create custom screen saver slideshows
  • Use images as Windows desktop background or "wallpaper"

The individual images are readable on both PC and Mac platforms.

Screensaver/slide show disks (5, 6, and 7) provide only a few individual images for wallpaper use outside of the shows, and are priced a bit less as a result.

These copyrighted images are meant for personal use. They may be freely used in any educational project or other nonprofit venture. Please contact me about editorial (for-profit) uses, and I can provide the high resolution version.

As of late 2020, I am no longer offering these as CD-ROMs but instead as digital downloads. After I receive notice of payment, I will notify you with a link for downloading them from wetransfer. The downloads are 500 mb or less.

1. Caves of the World
(click to view sample images from each country)

I've visited and photographed some of the world's most spectacular caves, most of them totally undeveloped. This CD has images you can access individually and a screensaver and slide show (PC systems only) made from those images. The 300 cave images are from 18 countries: Australia, Belize, Borneo, Canada, China, Cuba, France, Guatemala, Italy, Laos, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and Thailand.

300 top quality images in JPEG format ....................$19.95

2. America's Undergound
(click to view sample images from each state)

I've been fortunate to visit many of the most spectacular caves in the USA. This CD has images you can access individually and a screensaver and slide show (for PC systems only) made from those images The cave images are from 28 states of the USA: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Tenessee, Texas, Utah, Virgina, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Includes 300 different images at 1280x1024 resolution..

300 top quality images in JPEG format ....................$19.95    

3. Lechuguilla Cave (click for samples)

Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico is considered by many to be the most beautiful cave in the world. In its 130+ miles of passages, almost any type of cave formation can be seen, including many seen nowhere else. This CD contains images from all the main branches of the cave. Visit our sample pages to see 80 of the images found on the disk, with captions, grouped by areas of the cave. The next best thing to actually visiting the cave!

The discs now include a Screensaver (for Windows systems only) made from the 215 horizontal images also found individually on the disk.

325 quality images in JPEG format ....................$19.95    

4. The complete Virtual Cave
The Virtual Cave is an award-winning website devoted to caves and their wonders. This CD contains a complete version that can be opened offline in any web browser, enabling quick loading of its large numbers of images. Ideal for educators. You can visit the Virtual Cave website and see what the disk contains.
In addition, the disk includes 100 different images of wondrous cave formations for use as Windows Wallpaper, in BMP format. All are personless and specially chosen for suitability as wallpaper images. Some of these are in the Virtual Cave, but are provided in larger sizes in the Wallpaper directories. Chose from any of four different screen display sizes: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, or 1280x1024, and copy them to your Windows directory (detailed info for usage included with disk).

Virtual Cave/Cave Wallpaper disk....................$19.95

5. The Virtual Cave Screensaver/ Slide Show
(click for more info and a 20-slide sample portion of the show)

The Virtual Cave is an award-winning website devoted to caves and their wonders. This CD contains a screensaver and slide show for Windows-based systems that presents a tour through an idealized cave. The tour begins with descents down a series of shafts and then traverses through various types of cave passages. Then it highlights different varieties of cave formations from all over the world, using some of the images found on the Virtual Cave and more. All the major types of cave formations are represented. The base resolution of the images is 1280x1024, but they will scale well to whatever screen resolution you use (they even look good on my 30-inch monitor running at 2560 x1600). The show comprises 200 different images. In the Slide Show, small captions indicate what type of cave formation you're looking at, and you advance the images manually. Along with the Virtual Cave website, a great presentation tool for educators.

The next best thing to actually being there!

Virtual Cave Screensaver....................$15.95

6. Black Chasm: Jewel of the Mother Lode
(click for samples)

Black Chasm Cavern is a show cave near Volcano, California, in the heart of the gold rush area known as the Mother Lode. It was designated a National Natural Landmark for its world-class display of helictites, a type of cave formation whose growth defies gravity, twisting and turning in random direction. Those in Black Chasm are clear as glass. In addition there are unusual spar formations, including hexagonal spar, which has not been documented in any other cave, and seen on the CD. Another hallmark of the cave are its deep, blue lakes which are highlighted in the images with submerged lights. On this disk, I present 150 images that show the beauty of this unique cave both on and off trail. There is an annotated slide show and a Windows screensaver, which is copied into the Windows directory and is displayed during idle time on the computer. There are also 12 images for use as snazzy Desktop backgrounds or "wallpaper."

Black Chasm Screensaver/slide show/wallpaper....................$15.95
7. Underground in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park (click for samples)
Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks is home to some of the most beautiful caves in the western United States. This disc has both a user-controlled slide show and a screensaver featuring the six major caves in the park: Crystal, Hurricane Crawl, Lilburn, Palmer, Soldier's, and the recently discovered Ursa Minor cave. The show is made of 175 images highlighting the most specatacular areas of each cave. Also included are 12 images in BMP format for use as desktop backgrounds (wallpaper).

SEKI Caves Screensaver/Slide show....................$15.95


Contact me at for more information.