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The most significant cave in the upper Midwest, a National Natural Landmark, Cave of the Mounds is located just off U.S. Highways 18/151, 20 miles west of Madison, WI.

The U.S. Depart.ment of the Interior designated Cave of the Mounds a National Natural Landmark because the site possesses exceptional value as an illustration of the nation's natural heritage and contributes to a better understanding of man's environment. A one hour guided tour of the Cave takes visitors through a beautiful collection of colorful stalactites, stalagmites, columns and other mineral formations. A knowledgeable staff makes the visit interesting and informative.

Summer visitors to the Cave of the Mounds enjoy the park-like grounds with picnic areas, walking trails and rock gardens, as well as the costant 50-degree temperature inside the cave. Winter visitors can take advantage of the cave's comparative warmth.

Tours of Cave of the Mounds are available seven days a week from March 15 through November 15 and on weekends throughout the winter.

The cave is located 20 miles west of Madison, WI, just off U.S. Highways 18/151. Check out our printable location map
Call (608) 437-3038 for more information or send e-mail to cavewis@aol.com

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