The United States Show Caves Directory will help you explore the weird and wonderful world of caves. We offer locations, operating hours and telephone numbers for all caves in the continental U.S. that are developed for public access. These include caves on federal and state lands as well as privately owned commercial caves (many of which have been recognized as Registered Natural Landmarks or Historical Sites). Almost all of these caves have been augmented with lighting, walkways, stairs or elevators. Often all that is needed for exploration are comfortable shoes and a sweater or light jacket. Some of the caves can be explored at your own pace, but most provide guided tours. A few even offer the chance for a wild, off-trail caving experience under the supervision of a trip leader.

Perhaps in the past you've visited show caves on the spur of the moment, dropping in, so to speak, on some unexpected roadside attraction. No more! Use this directory to plan your underground adventures on your next vacation. As this site develops, expect to find all you need to make the most of your cave visits, including photographs, info on unique cave features, history, geology, nearby facilities and attractions, and exact location maps.


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