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What is the U.S. Show Caves Directory?
Who developed the Directory and why?
How can your show cave make the most of the Directory?
     How to update your cave's free basic listing
     How your cave can have a custom Web site in the Directory
     How an advertising banner can highlight your cave
Do you need Internet access to advertise in the Show Caves Directory?
What material should you provide for your Web site?
How will people find your Web site?

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What is the U.S. Show Caves Directory?

The U.S. Show Caves Directory is the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide to the nation's developed caves. The directory lists all caves in the continental U.S. that are open to the general public, including those that are privately owned as well as those located on state or federal land. It's available 24 hours a day, from any computer connected to the World Wide Web.

From the opening screen, or "home page", of the directory, the user can access information to help make their show cave visit more rewarding, or move straight into the Directory. In the Directory, the user is presented with a U.S. map. A mouse click on any state takes the user to a page which shows all cave locations in that state. This page provides basic information on each of the show caves, including directions, hours of operation, and phone numbers. National or State Park (i.e., non-profit) cave listings also have text describing the caves and nearby facilities. These basic listings in the Show Caves Directory are provided as a free public service. For as little as $75, however, show caves can have their own custom Web pages developed, hosted, and linked to basic listings within the Show Caves Directory. We're also willing to provide a link for any show cave that's produced their own Web pages, as well.

Who developed the Directory and why?

The Show Caves Directory is the work of cavers at Good Earth Graphics, who have a special interest in helping the public become more aware of the beauty and delicacy of the nation's underground. We recognize that the best way for people to learn to appreciate caves is to experience them first hand. The Show Caves Directory helps some 20 million World Wide Web users in the U.S. and Canada locate and access caves that they can easily visit. And don't forget that millions of potential visitors in other countries have access as well. Custom-tailored Web pages for individual caves emphasize that each and every cave is unique and rewarding. The Directory also provides some basic rules for visiting show caves and guidelines on what to bring and wear. Show Cave Directory users thus arrive at show caves knowing what to expect, tour show caves comfortably and with respect for the sensitivity of the cave environment, and leave show caves satisfied, likely to encourage others to experience the same cave.

How can your show cave make the most of the Directory?

The U.S. Show Caves Directory is a perfect arena for both commercial and park caves to showcase their special attractions. How?

1) Basic Listings: Show cave operators should first help Good Earth Graphics maintain accurate information about their cave in the Directory's basic listing. Basic listings are presented on the Directory's state pages. To see examples, take a look at the basic listings for California.

To update a basic listing, just fill out this simple form.
(Online Basic Listing Form under construction.)

2) Custom Web Pages: Good Earth Graphics will produce and display customized pages for your cave within the Show Caves Directory. Your basic listing on the state page is then highlighted, inviting users to point-and-click into that show cave's custom Web site. The Web site can be as simple as brief descriptions of the cave and associated facilities, or as elaborate as a multi-page, full-color, interactive brochure, including photographs, tour information, educational material, maps, even sound and video! See an example of a simple custom page at California's Moaning Cavern.

Order a custom Web site today.
(Online Web Site Order Form under construction.)

3) Advertising Banners: Show caves can draw attention to their web pages by advertising at key locations in the Show Caves Directory. We'll place an alluring banner at the front of the directory, on the U.S. map page, or at the top of a state page. A single click on the banner and users are directed immediately to that show cave's display.

Place an order for an advertising banner right now.
(Online Advertising Banner Request Form under construction.)

The U.S Show Caves Directory is a unique opportunity to advertise show caves to a potential audience of millions—in dazzling color—for less than you’d pay for a single black and white ad in the local newspaper. And unlike a print ad, your web site remains permanently available. If you ever want to change or upgrade the information on your pages, its quick and inexpensive.

Do you need Internet access to advertise in the Show Caves Directory?

No, you don't even need a computer. Just as you don't need to subscribe to a magazine to advertise there. If you do have Internet access, however, we'll be happy to offer Show Caves Directory users the opportunity to communicate quickly and easily with you by email from your Web site at no extra charge.

What material should you provide for your Show Caves Directory Web site?

Many cave operators post text from existing promotional material. This is certainly the easiest way to publicize your cave. Keep in mind, however, that Web sites that provide fascinating, useful information are far more effective than those that are simply sales pitches. Consider material that could provide the basis of a school project. Does your cave contain historic, geologic, achaeological or paleontological features of interest? What mineral formations decorate the cave, and how were they formed? Also post material that will make a visit to your cave easy and inviting. Give access directions from alternate travel routes. Post a discount coupon that can be easily printed out by the user. List nearby attractions, restaurants, or lodging facilities. Don't skimp on the details.

Perhaps even more popular than informative text on the World Wide Web is colorful imagery. Illustrate your site with photographs, maps, artwork, or special page backgrounds and navigational graphics. Good Earth Graphics specializes in making electronic images that come alive on the World Wide Web--in a fraction of the time that you'd wait for poorly designed images to appear. The U.S. Show Caves Directory is your opportunity to reach out the public with a polished, full-color display that fits easily into your advertising budget. Show off everything you've got.

Good Earth Graphics can work with material in virtually any format: printed text, photographs on brochures, postcards, prints, or transparencies, as well as sound or video recordings. Special discounts are available for material provided in digital format. Remember that on the World Wide Web, you are freed from printing and distribution costs. Even extensive, colorful displays are highly affordable. Let your imagination run wild!

How will people find your Show Caves Directory Web pages?

Most navigation on the Web is through links--highlighted text or images that take users to new pages. It is this network of links that makes the Web truly weblike! The U.S. Show Caves Directory is well-connected to the Web in at least three ways.

First, every page of the U.S. Show Caves Directory is indexed in the major directories of the World Wide Web. When people search for information on "caves", they get instant links to the Show Caves Directory. When you post custom pages in the Show Caves Directory, searches for the name of your cave link directly to your Web site.

Second, the Show Caves Directory is linked to many popular travel and recreation guides on the World Wide Web. For a modest fee, Good Earth Graphics will also search out regional sites (e.g., specific to your city, county, and state) that provide information for travelers and request that they include links to your cave's Web site.

Third, the Show Caves Directory is linked to The Virtual Cave, an educational site produced by Good Earth Graphics that enjoys an established audience on the World Wide Web. The Virtual Cave is an important companion to the Show Caves Directory, illustrating the amazing variety of cave decorations through words, pictures, and sound. It currently features 30 different types of speleothems, each illustrated with fine photographs. If your custom Show Cave Directory Web site features particularly good images or descriptions of a particular type of formation, we may link to your site directly from a page in the Virtual Cave.

Lastly, many Good Earth Graphics sites are linked directly at personal World Wide Web pages. The Show Caves Directory is still in its infancy, but we have little doubt this will be one of our most popular web sites.

Still have questions?

Contact the cavers at Good Earth Graphics:

Good Earth Graphics
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We'll be happy to make your onramp to Internet presence as smooth as possible. Also check the Good Earth Graphics home page for general information on World Wide Web publishing, and for a look at our portfolio.

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