Minnetonka Cave (no known web site)

in St. Charles Canyon, northwest of Bear Lake. 10 miles west of St. Charles, on a Forest Service Road in the Caribou National Forest
Description: This is a limestone cave with 9 rooms and many calcite decorations. There is a guided 90-minute, half-mile walk into this beautiful cave.There are 400 steps up and down in the cave and you need to bring a jacket, since the cave is about 40 degrees year round. The road up St. Charles Main Canyon is paved to the mouth of the cave.
Open daily from June to Labor Day
(435) 245-4422

Shoshone Ice Caves (no known web site)

18 miles north of Shoshone on Hwy. 75, in south-central Idaho

Shoshone Ice Caves s maintain a constant interior temperature of 18 to 33 degrees. Bring your coat and sturdy shoes. Tours take visitors through a 1,000-foot-long cave that is some forty feet high and varies in width from eight to thirty feet. At the far end of the cave is a wall of permanent ice of unknown depth.

Near Shoshone Ice Caves is Bennett Hills Recreation Management Area, under BLM jurisdiction, which has 14 lava tubes. One of them, called T-Maze Caves, is accessible for visitors but undeveloped.


Idaho's Mammoth Cave

8 miles north of Shoshone on Hwy. 75, in south-central Idaho

From the web site:

"There is a good trail and propane lanterns are provided. If you have flashlights they are always good to bring along. Wear a light jacket. The self guided tour takes about 1/2 hour. You walk about 1/4 mile in and 1/4 mile out. We hope to extend the trail another 1/4 mile in the near future."




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